International Students

Mahlyo's Story

My name is Mahliyo and I am from Uzbekistan. I got my Bachelors in Linguistics and worked as a Russian/English technical translator and Administrative Assistant for several foreign investment projects. At a certain point of my life, I realized I wanted to change my career. That was influenced by various factors, including seeing more potential in myself and learning about freedoms for people in foreign countries from my foreign coworkers, and my concerns for the unstable Uzbekistan, etc. Most of my coworkers in oil and gas projects were from Texas, so I started to look into Texas universities to obtain my Master’s Degree. Dallas Baptist University admissions was the most prompt in their response.

The first day, I stepped on the campus at DBU, I realized I got into a Christian school. I had come from a Moslem country and though I didn’t know much about Islam, I considered myself a Moslem by birth. So I thought to myself–I was different back home because back home Moslem women do not work [outside their homes], do not drive a car, etc. I have come to a Christian school where I am different, too!

There were two difficult months of adjustments and effort to understand what was what and then I was introduced to Sergey… Through his own example, his actions and interactions with other people my respect for him grew and so did our friendship. I met many amazing Christian people through Sergey, who would quote Bible verses to me and they would show me acts of kindness.

I was saved July 10th. I know that God was knocking on the door of my heart from 10 years before, when a group of Christian volunteer-teachers came to my university to teach English… Sometimes it was very mentally exhausting to think through Bible verses, to comprehend the miraculous events described, until after I experienced a conversation with God myself and stood up from my seat in the church–being pushed out by some supernatural force the day I believed. I know that God never gives up on us and uses every possibility to reveal Himself to us.

Sergey and I got married!

We have been blessed and blessed to get to know the DBU family members like Dr. Paul Taylor, D.Min., an Adjunct Professor and the founder of Ambassador International Ministries (AIM). I had a critical health situation. One phone call and a brief explanation of the situation was enough for Dr. Taylor to start taking action. He called back with a name of a doctor who was ready to check me out for no charge. So by Dr. Taylor’s grace we got to meet another amazing person, Dr. Song Lee. Not only did he stay after hours to see me, but he also took my history and a blood analysis. He spent almost two hours with us and explained in details my health situation.

On behalf of our family, we would like to thank Ambassador International Ministries and Dr. Song Lee for their prompt help and attention, for their loving and caring hearts, and dedication to serve Jesus through helping international students.

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