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"Helping Hands," - Dallas Morning News

Paul Taylor remembers what it was like to be a seminary student from a foreign country who had to worry about what getting sick would mean to his family and his studies.

Paul, who is from Jamaica, studied at Florida Bible College and Dallas Theological Seminary when his four sons were young. Now for over 30 years, he is helping international students, who fear health problems because they have no insurance and little money.

There are so many international students with dire health needs that Paul formally founded Ambassador International Ministries, Inc. in 1992. He has since fine-tuned the non-profit group to pair local physicians with international students to provide free or low cost care.

The group, focuses on international students at Criswell College, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Richland Community College, and Southern Methodist University.

Teammate Dr. Kerry Inzer said he and other partnering doctors have identified more serious conditions, such as sickle cell anemia and severe dental problems…

“Medical care seems to be the common thread for these students because many of them have problems and can’t afford costly medical care, and they don’t know how, or where to get help.”

“Helping Hand,” excerpts from The Dallas Morning News, October 16, 1999.

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